Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chariot Wars Weapons!

Just a couple quick notes on weapons.

All sharp corners/edges on EVERYTHING (weapon, chariot, bike, whatever) must be wrapped/padded/made not sharp.

There is a difference between weapons intended for chariots and weapons intended for people.

-All weapons intended for chariots must be painted bright orange. You can only use these weapons on bikes/chariots. No "accidents" or we will break you.

-All weapons intended for people must be WELL padded. Molded latex or whatever does not count.

-If your weapon is viewed as too dangerous/hard/painful it will be taken away (maybe even before you get a chance to try to use it).

THINK ABOUT IT. We're all friends here, no one wants to see anyone get seriously hurt.

GOON SQUAD is in full effect this year. Do not fuck with them. They'll be sober, and very unhappy about it.

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