Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rules Review

Just a quick review of the rules for this year's Chariot Wars:

1. Your team must use a Bicycle pulled Chariot.

2. Battle cars can enter, but they cannot win.

3. 2 to 3 people per team.

4.All teams must undergo a private safety check of ALL weapons before they're allowed to compete. (we don't want to ruin your surprises, we just want to make sure they're safe)

5. If a rider becomes disconnected from their bicycle/chariot at any time, or if the bicycle/chariot is no longer rolling your team is OUT.

6. The crowd is not allowed to touch any competitors/Bicycles/chariots.

Lastly: NO GLASS! (who fucking brings glass to a biking event anyway?)

Goon squad will be in full effect to ensure everyone's fun and safety.

We want a bunch of people out there, a ton of chariots, and we DEFINITELY do not want anyone to get seriously injured.


  1. Our chariot needs caster wheels or kid bike wheels to stabilize it because we are dumb at designing hitches. Will this disqualify us or simply make us look dumb?

  2. We don't care how many wheels your chariot has as long as there's a bicycle pulling it with a hitch of some sort. I've seen bailing wire used to tie bike to chariot and it's lasted the entire battle! A "hitch" is a good or bad as you make it. How dumb you look is up to you!

  3. excellent! our hitch is indestructible and looking dumb is what we are best at.

  4. We're planning a walk-on chariot entry heralding from the wilds of NE Killingsworth ... is there any pre-battle registration necessary or shall we just show up at the hoe-down?

  5. Just show up at Col. Summers Park at 9:00 tonight ready to ride!