Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Team Danger Zone crowned champions at this year's Ben Hurt Chariot Wars!

More great press and photos here (will continue to be updated. Posting links to galleries and press in the comments is also encouraged):

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The Teams of 2012

Danger Zone

Dead Babies



Team Name Needed

Team Sexxon



Until next year...

Friday, February 17, 2012


It's back, bitches! 

Tomorrow is the day. Get ready for the battle insanity you've come to know and love.  And if you've never seen it before....   Ha! You're fucked.

The Ben Hurt trophy is alive and well after a year in Alaska. Now fully weatherized it's ready to be reclaimed by a new victor.

Event details are as follows:

We are sticking with a TIGHT schedule for this.

1pm - Bacon and power brunch at Guardrail's 5802 N Kirby ave

3:30pm - Group Bike Ride from brunch to Chariot Wars secret location

Once there - Special Performance by the The Sprockettes @ 4:20pm!

Special rules for this year:
Everything is up to Josh and Dutch. Deal with it. Eat a bag of dicks if you don't want to.

Build a pedal powered chariot with a traditional hitch. Teams compete untill the chariot cant continue, or one of the competitors gets removed from the chariot itself.

Whats a "traditional hitch"? You damn well know. Dont try and pass bullshit and you will be able to win the trophy. If you dont meet our standards, you can still compete, but not win the trophy.

When are teams out? If you any member becomes disconnected from their chariot they are out. If the chariot cannot continue rolling, its out. A arbitrary countdown will be called by Dutch or Josh in this case. 

More information on Chariot Wars and the rest of Mini Bike Winter 2012 can be found here:

Hydration and Caffination by Viso