Sunday, February 17, 2013


The 2013 Chariot Wars champions have been crowned! The first ever all-lady team to take victory in the Ben Hurt Chairot Wars! Badass women making history like you know they can.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chariot Wars 2013!

Oh snap! It's almost that time again! Mini Bike Winter X. Getchoself some!

And you might be wondering what's the dealio with Chariot Wars?! Well here are the vital stats for the impending doom and destruction.

Meet for Brunch at Noon on February 16th.
1730 SE 35th Place (35th and Hawthorne)
After brunch we will ride to the battleground. (yup, ride. As in bikes! No we will not tell you in advance where it is so you can drive you and your car full of friends to the spot. puhleeese)

Rules are basically the same as past years (Goon squad will be in effect to make sure y'all are safe):
-Build a bicycle pulled chairot.
-At least one rider on the bicycle and one in the chariot.
-All weapons must be padded.
-Become disconnected from your bicycle/chairot and yer team is out.
-Shit ain't rolling anymore? Yer out!
-Dont hurt your friends.
-Guardrail is calling the shots this year. Wanna bitch, then bitch to him. But know right now that he don't care.  No, really... He doesn't care.

Check Zoobomb for deets on the rest of the weekend! Or watch this informational video on Panda Bears: