Friday, January 30, 2015


Poster has wrong date. It's Feb 14th.

This year's rules:

  • Have Fun 
  • Each team must shotgun a beer each before taking off to the battle spot (aka the Bones Dome) and upon commencement of the battle
  • Two man Chariots
  • One steed, one charioteer, one bike, one chariot joined together. Anything thing beyond that is a battle car .
  • If you are caught cheating you will be dq'ed 
  • Battle cars can enter but cannot win 
  • No chemical or biological weapons(smoke bombs, fireworks can be used but not against competitor use good judgement )
  • If the charioteer or steed lose contact with your chariot you are out. Goon squad led by Dutch and his goons will have the final call 
  • Weapons for chariots will be painted orange
  • The crowd is allowed to harass Battle Cars but not the competitors. Teams can pay crowd members to launch guerrilla attacks against Battle Cars but payment must be in the form of whiskey.
  • If a chariot is disabled you can go for the chariot jack which means if you can displace the chariot and steed within 30 seconds of you being declared disabled you can run the stolen chariot 
  • If you can't take a beating with it don't use it against other competitors 
  • Last statement is if you have a question about the rules ask someone they are traditional rules and if it seems sketchy it probably is lets have fun because as much as its about beating the snot out your friends its about a good time ....
  • Each team must make a banner to be posted along the arena when your out your flag hits the dirt ....
  • The crowd can hand weapons off to their squads and throw shit but lets keep it under control